The Band

Gusano’s blues, band formed in Menorca Balearic Islands, which keeps alive the flame of blues, with a special character and a classic retro sound when play to musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Santana between others, turn a fresh and contemporary sound with bluesy roots when they interpret their own songs.


Fernando Novoa

Fernando Novoa (Gusanoblues), guitarist and composer, born on 06 March ’79 in Montevideo Uruguay, with Spanish nationality currently resides in Minorca, Balearic Islands. From an early age by amateur rock and roll he discovered the blues, music to which it was rooted. Without musical training at age 13 he bought his first guitar, an instrument he did not resign until today.


Josu Uribe

Josu Uribe. Bilbao February 15, ’67, bass player, instrument discovered only since 2010. The first steps in music were with the accordion when he was 10 collated with basic music theory studies. Already at that age she heard the symphonic rock of the time, this heritage that carries since. In Menorca he found his current passion and the Gusano’s Blues expected to give much war.


Manel Giménez

Manel “Tete” Gimenez Capo, Battery, born in Sabadell Barcelona on May 23, ’75 restless since childhood always had a predilection for percussion, began playing drums at age 14 and later studied 10 years in the municipal school of Mahon , always felt predilection for rock, blues, funk and fussion.

Gusano’s Blues Band was also a cover band for great artists like Vargas Blues Band and support band for Muddy Waters´guitarist, Bob Margolin current singer, composer and ambassador Tota Blues with Muddy Blues blues bar. Rural Zapada stay with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin bassist). Invited to participate with Tonky Blues Band and Flaco Barral in La Coquette Madrid